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Butterfly stole


I have really been busy

Custom Stole Comission

Paperback Book Covers


Annual Conference

what is a sussy?

a sussy is a gift for no specific reason

who am i?

I’m a wife of 35 1/2 years, mother to three, and a crafter at heart. I grew up next door to my grandparents who were the ultimate crafter's and their love was instilled into my way of life. Our children have been a joy to our lives and we are thankful for each of them. Our oldest daughter Kelly has been married to David S. for almost 8 years. They are photogragher's and specialize in wedding photography. Stacy is our second child and lives in Baton. She is also a photogragher and enjoys writing poetry. She works at Best Deal Milworks as their website Admin and office Manager. Our son Brandon moved back to Baton Rouge and is currently looking for a job. He graduated from LSU in Electrical Engineering.I am enjoying time to nourish my soul by doing things I love such as sewing, embroidery, quilting, and of course spending more time with my husband and family. My husband,David, retired September two years ago from working at Exxon refinery where he has worked for the past 33 years. We have had fun adjusting to life as a retired couple. It has been great.